What is it? 
The Spine in Line is an comfortable, affordable, safe, lightweight and easy to use posture and back support pillow that can be used anywhere to alleviate back ache, discomfort and to improve posture.

How does SIL work? 
You simply sit or lie down. The Spine in Line’s ergonomically designed to contour your spine supporting it’s natural curve. It’s shape allows the users body to relax comfortably while sitting upright or lying down by providing a soft support for the total back. As an extra benefit The Spine In Line comes with a simple to use exercise program that can be used at home to strengthen and stretch your low back and core.  

How is it different than all the other things I’ve bought? 
Because it works.

How did you come up with this? 
I injured my back in the Marines and would use a towel or tennis ball to try and help out when it acted up. After my Honorable discharge I was working as a personal trainer and I noticed other people were suffering the same way I did so I thought I should try and fix it. I spent the next few years in the garage cutting, shaping, molding and blowing things up trying to find the best solution to support my clients easily, without a bulky or expensive device. The Spine In Line is the result of my work.

The Spine In Line System